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Editors love to tell stories. And Final Cut Pro is a great tool to use for molding the footage you’ve shot into a story that is entertaining and even captivating. But it doesn’t help to use a comprehensive app like Final Cut Pro if you don’t know how to tap into the numerous ways in which FCP can help you organize, develop, craft, and cut together all the elements you will need to tell the story you want to tell.

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Dianne Weynand Phone interview about her  FCP instruction


Motion Tracking in Motion

Hey everybody,

Today I wanted to share a method for compositing a video inside of a Flat panel TV. First I use analyze motion behavior  to record keyframes fcor the position(x,y) for the handheld footage of the TV.  Then I applied the position keyframes to a match move behavior on the footage to be “played” on the TV.  Hopefully this helps you incorporate this easy method Quickly into your own work. The footage was from CCSF Mission Campus Lobby and from the front of Radio Habanero on Valencia street near the campus.